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Bible Cake Quiz

Work out the ingredients from references in the bible to create this cake!

Bible Cake Quiz can be found here.

The Underground Quiz/Game

Not an easy quiz. The underground quiz is a paper and pencil quiz based on the London Underground stations. From the clues given see how many station names you can work out. Don't cheat by looking at an underground map... or maybe you'll need to?!!

Question Sheet print version
Answers print version

Clue: Underground station:-
Letter to the Corinthians
Longest reign
Anybody for tennis
Seven husband’s for
In the hop’s county
New street for
Egg Shaped
Pillar of stone
Timber ashes
Arms dump
Up the wrong tree
H20 for aromatic leaves
Over the eyes
Bigger than big
Botanical line
A messenger from above
Is falling down
England Expects
Clerical Envy
Off with his head
Please cross here sir
Women’s lib ends here
Alpine Hut
Channel Crossing for many
Young Tree
Irate Monarch
Oriental Pig
Dagenham Choice
Napoleon’s Finale
Royal Judgement
Sea defence
African Chefs
Entrance to a tree
Another name for the mall perhaps!
1760 yards and stop

Common Phrases Quiz

How many of these can you work out? To do well at this quiz you need a combination of intelligence, lateral thinking fluency with words and creativity. Each statement below is a phrase, saying or sentence with the only the initial letter of the important words showing. Work out what answer is from the combination of numbers and initial letters of words.

Eg Question: 1001 A- N-  Answer:1001 Arabian Nights

Question Sheet Printable version
Answers printable version

1 26 L- of the A-
2 7 W- of the W-
3 16 O- in the P-
4 12 S- of the Z-
5 54 C- in the D- (with J- )
6 9 P- in the S- S-
7 88 P- K-
8 13 S- on the A- F-
9 0 D- C- at which W- F-
10 18 H- on a G- C-
11 90 D- in a R- A-
12 200 P- for P- G- in M-
13 7 S- on a F- P- P-
14 3 B- M- …. (S- H- T- R-)
15 13 L- in a B- D-
16 24 H- in a D-
17 1 W- on a U-
18 57 H- V-
19 11 P- in a F- T-
20 29 D- in F- in a L- Y-
21 64 S- on a C- B-
22 76 T- in the B- P-
23 R- for 40 D- and N- in the G- F-
24 39 S-
25 3 M- in a B-
26 20 N- on a D- B-
27 900 M from L- E- to J- O- G-
28 1 P- in a P- T-
29 366 D- in a L- Y-
30 2 S- of a L- T-
31 4 S- in a Y-
32 4 and 20 B- B- B- in a P-

Common Phrases Quiz for Children

A simpler version for children

Printable question sheet
Printable answer Sheet

How many of these phrases, nursery rhymes and books, can you recognise from just the first letter of each word?
e.g. “7 D in a W” is 7 days in a week
“The F 5” is The famous 5

Old Money

Compiled by Keith Baby, Elm Lodge

How well do you remember or know of the "old money" of pounds shillings and pence? All of the clues below relate to an amount expressed in "old money". All you have to do is work out the amount for the clue and write is in the boxes opposite, then add up the total. Some of the answers might be slang for a particular coin, others are perhaps a little comic, so beware!

Question Sheet printable version
Answers printable version

  £ S d

1. A stone


2. Poorly sea creature


3. Royal headgear


4. Man’s name


5. Worker of leather


6. Mode of transport


7. Type of pig


8. Jupiter, Saturn and Venus


9. Girl’s name